Information for shipowners

"MARINE CREW MANAGEMENT LLC" provides all types of services in the field of a crewing, such as: selection of crew members, preparation all necessary documents, organization of trainings for ratings and officers, organization of crew members’ flights for joining, planning and organization crew changes with ensuring accomplishment of all necessary formalities, preparation of documentation and booking.

List of services:

  • Selection of crew members. In the process of seafarers’ selection on various types of vessels, we consider the previous work experience of seamen on vessels of this type or with similar type of Main Engine.
  • References from the previous employers. In the process of seamen’s selection, we always contact their previous employers or their agents for the purpose of receiving a references about quality of work and professional skills of the seaman.
  • Examination. Testing of professional skills of the seaman, including knowledge of SOLAS/MARPOL and ISM Code, is made by passing by the seaman of oral/written tests, computer testing and verification of the documents confirming the corresponding education.
  • Knowledge of English. Knowledge of English is checked by us as orally, - in the course of the interview, - and in writing. Knowledge of the necessary professional terms connected with safety on the vessel are checked with special care.
  • Medical examination. According to the Ukrainian legislation, all seamen pass medical examination only in approved medical centers. In the process of verification of the state of health, seafarer pass: blood test, X-ray test, inspections by the dermatologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, surgeon, dentist, therapist and other medical specialists. Drug and Alcohol test is obligatory.
  • Visa arrangements. In the countries where visa for Ukrainian seafarers is required, we arrange visas.
  • Order and receiving avia - / train- and bus tickets. One of the services provided by us, -  is booking, order and acquisition of tickets for seamen by means of our agents that considerably simplifies process of crew change, especially in cases of need of their urgent embarkation/disembarkation or changing port of crew change.
  • Supplying with working gear. Before embarkation, we provide each seaman with qualitative working overalls, footwear and other, necessary objects of equipment for work on vessels of the company.